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Since my first PC (an intel 486DX) I started creating / mixing music on a computer. In those days I used a so called "tracker" in which you could create a 4 channel music file. In 1993 scream tracker 3 was released, this was really a big step forward, a good interface with nice playback functions and tracking up to 16 separate channels.
Screenshot of Scream tracker 3

ith a group of friends we started our own computer music group called San-TX (1996) We created a lot of tracks just for fun, nothing really serious. Later on I joined a couple of demo/music groups (Lethal Agressors, Xcalibur and Revolution ) in which I released a lot of tracks through out some years. Unfortunately the demo / BBS scene kind of died when the Internet became popular.
So in 1997 I created a website called The Lost Dimension on which I spread our own music productions, after a couple of years I was the only one left creating music so I kind of went "solo". Years passed while I was struggeling with all kind of techniques for remixing and producing tracks, buying and selling all kinds of equipment, but in the end, one thing never failed me: the pc.

Since the beginning of 2007 I also started mashing tracks (combining two or more tracks, into one) The third mashup I created as a sort of a joke (combining Britney Spears with Muse) but got airplay on a national radio station (3FM) So I decided to keep on mashing tracks, and most of them got airplay right away on Radio 3FM and other radio stations worldwide. Even got a request from David Guetta's management to make a sencored version of my mashup god is a memorie so they could broadcast it in the USA.

n January 2008, I got in contact with a DJ at a local radio station called Radio Moerdijk which was looking for a guy who could provide dance mixes for his show. Since I already was creating dance mixes we decided to make it a monthly event. So every last friday of the month my FreakpowerMixes were broadcasted. After 18 editions I decided to quit this monthly commitment and just mix whenever I felt like mixing.

So having more time to work on other projects I started to remix tracks for other artists and got
back to producing my own tracks as well. I'm currently releasings my tracks and remixes on a german trance label called Vectiva recordings (owned by Luca de Maas)

If you have any questions or want your track remixed, feel free to contact me at
xam (at) lostdimension (dot) nl

Jaap van Zijp aka Xam

This is where the magic happens

From the analogue BBS to the World Wide Web - The Lost Dimension v2016