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Discography 2006 - 2016
(All my bootlegs / remixes / mashups)


Muse vs. Britney Spears - Supermassive Black Something
Guilty Pleasures II - RickrawkedXam - FBL (Vectiva Recordings)Xam feat. Lin - Twenty5 (Vectiva Recordings)Xam - Mnemonic (Vectiva Recordings)Xam - Steroids (Vectiva Recordings)Matt Pincer vs. Xam - Oblivion (Vectiva Recordings)Matt Pincer vs Xam feat. Lin - Anthem of Love (Made 2 Dance Records)Luca de Maas & Xam feat. Lin - Another Day (Vectiva Recordings)Matt Pincer vs. Xam - Redcon (Vectiva Recordings)Xam - Talk to MeXam vs Matt Pincer - InspirationXam vs Matt Pincer - InspirationSan Cisco - Rocket Ship (Xam's Remix)San Cisco - Rocket Ship (Xam's Remix)

From the analogue BBS to the World Wide Web - The Lost Dimension v2016